Koyasan Reihokan Museum stores totally 78,000 cultural items. Among them 28,000 are designated cultural items, including 21 sets of National Treasures, 149 sets of Important Cultural Properties, 18 sets of Cultural Properties Designated by Wakayama Prefecture, and 2 sets of Important Art Objects. The main part of the collection consists of Buddhist paintings, Buddhist sculptures, Buddhist implements for Esoteric Buddhist practices, calligraphies of documents and sutras, and archeological objects.

The term “Buddha” refers to four different venerable statuses:

  1. Nyorai, who has already been enlightened.
  2. Bosatsu, who stays with us while he is on the way toward becoming enlightened.
  3. Myoo, who watches over us with his anguish faces, to prevent us from straying onto wrong paths.
  4. Ten, who was included into Buddhist cosmology from Indian mythology.

Since we can’t display all the items stored simultaneously, we change the display from time to time. So please come and check the museum often.


  1. These Treasures are Not always Exhibited.
  2. They may be sent out to special exhibitions at other museums.
  3. Unauthorized use of images is NOT allowed.